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Are you still using tedious emails and spreadsheets to manage your shipments? Spending too much time back-and-forth on the phone? If you answered yes, we've built Shiperd for you.


Shiperd is an easy-to-use shipping management software that saves you time and cost while giving you full visibility over your shipments. From online quoting and automated bidding to real-time tracking and documentation management, Shiperd simplifies your daily workflow and makes it more efficient.


Shiperd was built by techies and logistics professionals who are experts in international shipping. It is designed from the ground up to tackle the daily complexities importers and exporters are facing, helping them to regain hours of productivity.


Advancing to Shiperd is worry-free: You don’t need to change your current workflow, switch freight forwarders, or even call your IT team. Shiperd is cloud based, meaning that all you need is a web browser, a username and a password – and you’re in!

Shiperd automates the creation of new shipments in under 1 minute while helping you save cost and regain productivity.


Shipping is still heavily reliant on emails, spreadsheets and phone calls - just as it was 15 years ago. It is a manual, cumbersome and non-transparent process, leading to billions of dollars of inefficiencies. 

  • Zero transparency on charges, tracking or process

  • Up to 50 emails and 10 calls per single trade

  • No automated updates about the shipment location

  • 15 emails to track shipment location or fix an error


  • Highly exposed to human errors


  • Up to 35% variance between shipment quotes


Shiperd helps importers and exporters to close their digital gap by boosting visibility, control and efficiency over their shipments life cycle.

Simple login
  • Multimodal: air, ocean, road

  • Streamlined communications

  • Online quoting & automated bidding

  • Real-time tracking

  • Documentation management

Ditch your phone, emails and spreadsheets: Let's make shipping simple.

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